North Hampton Golf Course Pictures September 2013


North Hampton Golf Course
22680 N Hampton Club Way,
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
Phone:(904) 548-0000

North Hampton is one of the best golf courses in the Jacksonville area and has hosted US Open qualifiers among many other prestigious golf tournaments. North Hampton Golf Club is located in Fernandina Beach, but most Florida natives know the area as Yulee.

The Golf Club at North Hampton – 1st Hole

The first hole starts out with the golf driving range to the left. The first hole at North Hampton Golf Club plays 404 from the gold tees , 394 yards from The Black tees, 363 yards from the blue tees, 344 yards from the white tees, 311 yards from the green tees comma and 303 yards from the red ladies tee.

North Hampton Golf Course 1st Hole Fairway

North Hampton Golf Course 1st Hole Fairway with waste area

North Hampton Golf Course 1st Green

North Hampton Golf Course 1st Hole Looking Back

As you can see just from the first hole at North Hampton Golf Course,  there is a key box to accommodate players of all skill levels.

After hitting your tee shot on the first hole, you’ll notice a large man-made Ridge separating the driving range from the first Fairway, and you can get yourself into some trouble in the SawGrass bushes on top of that burm. The right side of the Fairway seems like a better play,   but then you’ll have a deep greenside bunker to deal with on the right.

The green has a large ridge running through the middle of it, and if memory serves me correctly being wrong is much better than being short on the first screen of North Hampton Golf Club.

The Golf Club at North Hampton – 2nd Hole

The 2nd hole at North Hampton Golf Club is a monster is 622 yards from the gold tees,   and still a long 552 yards from the white tees. The seniors in the ladies get a bit of a break on this hole, but still have to deal with water, bunkers, and crazy angles.

North Hampton Golf Course 2nd hole

North Hampton Golf Course 2nd hole Par 5 beast.

You should be able to hit away off the second Tee which is visible from the road of the Northampton Golf Course subdivision. Azure t shirt men’s short of a big lake on the left,   you’ll have to decide whether you want to try and carry the lake on the left or lay up short on the right. The problem with laying up on the right, is that a couple of Tall Pine trees and some bunkering in the corner makes that third shot towards the green very tough. You’ll have to bring a slice with you if you plan to lay up on the second hole at North Hampton Golf Club.

Fortunately your approach to the second green at Northampton gets a little bit easier, but there is a bunker on the right hand side of the green. The green itself is fairly flat and I’ve made a few lengthy birdie and par putts myself.

The Golf Club at North Hampton – 3rd Hole

The 3rd hole at North Hampton is a challenging Par 3 over natural wetlands. There are bunkers Galore, so be sure to take the right Club and check the wind above the trees. If you’re playing the tips at the golf club at North Hampton,   you’ll have 190 yards into the green. 151 yards from the whites, and 127 yards from the Reds.

Unlike the first hole, going long on this hole will send you 10 yards down a burn, so you’ll have a blind flop shot to a green that slopes away from you. It is a massive green that can be very tricky,   so we get as close as you can and knock that par putt down!

The Golf Club at North Hampton – 4th Hole

GPS shot at North Hampton Golf Course 4th Hole

GPS shot at North Hampton Golf Course for the 4th Hole

North Hampton Golf Course 4th Hole Fairway

North Hampton Golf Course 4th Hole Fairway Bunkers

After crossing the street at North Hampton Golf Club subdivision, you’ll come underneath a canopy of trees with two boxes on the left that are going to give you a forced carry to a rather wide Fairway. The Fairway slopes from right to left as you’ll notice the 150 marker on the right is much more elevated than the 150 marker on the left.

In classic North Hampton Golf Course fashion there are a row of deep and peanut bunkers running down the left hand side. I prefer heading up to the right side of the Fairway which gives you a better angle and better height on your approach to the fourth green at North Hampton Golf Course.

The Golf Club at North Hampton – 5th Hole

GPS shot at North Hampton Golf Course for the 5th Hole

GPS shot at North Hampton Golf Course for the 5th Hole

North Hampton Golf Course 5th Hole Fairway

North Hampton Golf Course 5th Hole Fairway and approach.

The 5th hole at North Hampton Golf Course is one of my favorites because of its feast-or-famine nature. you don’t have to be a long hitter to score well on this hole, but hitting a precise approach shot is definitely going to help. If you do end up and one of the cosmetically Superior looking bunkers you’ll need to draw on a little Phil Mickelson sand game Magic to save par or in most people’s case bogey.

The Golf Club at North Hampton – 6th Hole

North Hampton 6th Hole Tee Shot

North Hampton 6th Hole Tee Shot to a par 5.

The 6th at North Hampton Golf Club isn’t as big or difficult as the second hole also a par 5, but has plenty of challenges waiting for you down the Fairway. A good tee shot is a must as the Fairway Narrows, and narrows until it stopped short and has a forced carry towards to green. Bunker’s line both sides of the Fairway but for some reason I always seem to bail out to the right side even though that makes the second shot more difficult.

Not only is there a forced carry at the North Hampton 6 hole,   but the whole dog legs to the right and there is also a lake on that right side so going for the green is going to take a perfect slice, without slicing too much.  watch out for the bunkers to the left side of the green Haswell as it is easy to hit a bad sand shot into the gator filled lake.

The Golf Club at North Hampton – 7th Hole

The 7th hole at North Hampton Golf Club is the beauty that you saw driving into the North Hampton neighborhood on the right. classic Arnold Palmer stone work bulkheads the green Kama that is split into two parts by a berm in the middle. you will be hitting 190 yards over water if you are playing the gold tees at North Hampton Golf Club.

You’ll have 163 yards over the lake from the blue tees,   and the ladies have just a short hundred yard shot into the right side of the green. Be sure to check the wind, as the Sea Breeze will come down out of the trees and blow a little bit harder here on the 7th hole at North Hampton then it does on other holes around the course. while being long is no picnic Kama being short means you are either in the drink or waiting to see which direction the ball is going to bounce off of the bulkhead of large Limestone boulders. take my word for it,   they never bounce the way you want them to.

The Golf Club at North Hampton – 8th Hole

8th? at South Hampton Golf Club

8th? at South Hampton Golf Club

As you cross the street with the second t on your left you will charge towards the clubhouse finding that the 8th hole is an arrow test of a par 4. From the tips of the 8th hole at Northampton Golf Course, you’ll have 369 yards until you reach the green. if you’re playing the blue tees you’ll have 329 yards, if you’re playing the red tees you will only have 279. the Fairway drains into the lake Kama so I avoid hitting driver on this hole as it generally ends badly. as you can see there also a lot of bunkers around the green that will send you to double bogey land faster than two fangs of a cottonmouth will send you to Nassau Regional Medical Center. V8 green at North Hampton Golf Club has curves and Contours, so try to get yourself an uphill putt.

The Golf Club at North Hampton – 9th Hole

After surviving the 8th hole, you’ll be treated to one of the most beautiful golf cart Bridges anywhere. The bridge will wind around the outside of the tees which stretch 386 yards from the back gold tees, 332 yards from the middle blue tees,   and 269 yards from the forward red ladies tees.

The lake on the right is reachable as the Fairway Slopes up to meet the 1:15 and then down draining towards the lake that guards the green on the right. I like coming up the left-hand side of the Fairway to try and take some of the water,  and beautiful Limestone Boulders out of play. This whole is intimidating to look at, but consistently provides one of the easier scoring opportunities on the front nine has it has a nice wide Fairway and a long green that accept your made too short iron shots very well.  just don’t push, or slice the ball to the right as that water hazard is thirsty for your Titleist Pro V1.

Local Rules at The Golf Club at North Hampton

has most golf courses do North Hampton Golf Club has a list of local rules. my personal local rule is don’t go chasing golf balls as there are a lot of poisonous snakes in the area as I alluded to earlier so bring extra ammunition and be sure to take a golf club with you if you go into the woods or Wetlands looking for a ball.

hear the official local rules for the golf club at North Hampton.  all hazards are marked by red and yellow stakes. Always waste areas including Coquina cart pads are deemed ground under repair.  be advised that in some cases the nearest point of relief may not provide any improved relief since the drop will be in the rough.  all stones in bunkers will be considered movable obstructions affluent and reuse water is used to irrigate the golf course so don’t drink from the sprinklers

Play the best tea that reflects your ability, be ready when it’s your turn to play, if lightning is in the area stop playing and seek shelter.  yardage is at the golf club of North Hampton are measured to the center of each green. please fill divots with sand provided on each golf cart and repair ball marks. As there are dozens if not hundreds of bunkers at Golf Club of North Hampton, don’t forget to rake after yourself.Please observe the 90-degree control and keep carts on paths greens have the entire length of all of the par threes

World-renowned golf professional Arnold Palmer and Ed Seay have carved North Hampton’s championship course from one of North Florida’s most dramatic natural landscapes. Golf Week magazine says the North Hampton Golf Club course in, Fernandina Beach, is the 7th Best Course you can Play in Florida.” The 18-hole North Hampton course plays 7,171 yards of golf from the back tees for a par of 72. The course rating is 74.7 and it has a slope rating of 143 on Bermuda grass. North Hampton’s par 72 links style championship layout meanders around 10 spring fed lakes lined with coquina boulders with elevation changes spanning more than 40 feet.

This Arnold Palmer Signature course offers a fun, if tough, day out. North Hampton is a golf community located along the banks of Lofton Creek, just west of Amelia Island. Set amid acres of idyllic natural areas, North Hampton is a perfect combination of neighborhood and nature preserve, a place where family adventures abound.

 Tee Front Back Total Rating/Slope Par
 Gold 3,556 3,615 7,171 75.4/147 72
 Black 3,384 3,369 6,753 72.5/140 72
 Blue 3,183 3,180 6,363 71.5/137 72


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